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Teaching and Learning Lead (TLL)

Société : Tetikasa Fivoarana

Mis à jour le : 28 juin 2023

Lieu : Tananarive

TeFi is a nonprofit organization, with a strong focus on empowering individuals and communities. The principles of love, vision, education, and collaboration provide a solid foundation for its work and have a significant positive impact on the people it serves. These principles guide the organization’s efforts to provide support and assistance to individuals and communities, promoting their well-being and helping them overcome challenges. TeFi demonstrates its commitment to long-term goals and aspirations through projects, initiatives, and decision-making processes, ensuring that its efforts are aligned with its overarching mission of building sustainable development in the most impoverished communities of Madagascar.

We are looking for a qualified candidate to fill the Teaching and Learning Lead (TLL) position that is based in Antananarivo, Madagascar, for the upcoming education project funded by USAID Lova: Foundational Skills for a Better Future. This position is contingent upon award.

Job Summary: The TLL will lead the technical implementation of the project
activities and be the technical lead for the development of evidence-based approaches to
improving foundational skills learning, including any materials development and teacher
training. The TLL directly manages technical team members and contributes to the design,
development, implementation, and evaluation of all activities that aim to improve teaching
and learning.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Technical Leadership and Implementation:
– Lead the technical implementation of project activities focused on improving foundational skills learning.
– Develop evidence-based approaches to enhance teaching and learning, including the design and development of instructional materials.
– Provide technical guidance and support to project staff, ensuring the effective implementation of teaching and learning interventions.
– Collaborate with stakeholders to identify and incorporate best practices and innovative strategies for improved learning outcomes.

2. Team Management and Coordination:
– Directly manage the technical team members, providing mentorship, guidance, and support in their roles.
– Foster a collaborative and inclusive team environment, promoting professional growth and development.
– Coordinate with other project teams and stakeholders to ensure the integration and alignment of teaching and learning activities across the project.

3. Materials Development and Teacher Training:
– Oversee the development and adaptation of instructional materials, ensuring their alignment with curriculum standards and evidence-based practices.
– Lead the design and implementation of teacher training programs, focusing on pedagogical approaches and instructional techniques to enhance teaching effectiveness.
– Monitor the quality and relevance of instructional materials and training programs, making necessary adjustments and improvements.

4. Design, Development, and Evaluation:
– Contribute to the design and development of project activities, ensuring they are evidence-based, contextually appropriate, and aligned with project objectives.
– Collaborate with the monitoring and evaluation team to develop indicators and tools for tracking progress and evaluating the impact of teaching and learning interventions.
– Participate in data analysis and interpretation to inform program improvements and decision-making.
– Contribute to project reports, sharing lessons learned, and best practices related to teaching and learning approaches.

Job Qualifications and Experience:

– A minimum of 10 years of experience in leading and implementing education projects, with a focus on teaching and learning improvement.
– Master’s degree in education, instructional design, or a relevant field.
– Demonstrated expertise in evidence-based approaches to improving foundational skills learning, including materials development and teacher training.
– Strong knowledge of pedagogical techniques, curriculum development, and instructional design.
– Experience in managing teams, providing guidance, and fostering a collaborative work environment.
– Strong project management skills, including planning, monitoring, and evaluation.
– Ability to work effectively with diverse stakeholders, including government entities, NGOs, and educators.
– Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
– Fluency in English and French (written and spoken) is required; knowledge of local languages is an advantage.
– Availability to travel as needed within Madagascar.

Compétences requises

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