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Printing Manager


Publié le : 13/07/2021

Lieu : Autres

Goal: The goal of the Printing Manager is to ensure that print products are of the highest quality, which includes the color, shape, and sharpness of the final product.


1. Supervises a team of printers.
2. Oversees the printing processes which include one Digital and one Rotary printing machine, steaming and finishing of various fabrics.
3. Validates anything that can be printed by Cotona and gives final approval of print jobs before production
4. Provides technical solutions as required for bulk production of different types of printing.
5. Solves different types of technical issues related to sample, size set, bulk production, etc. with both Digital and Rotary printing machines
6. Ensuring that products meet the customer requirements and specifications (colorfastness, durability, and accuracy, etc.)
7. Color retouching, fixing or re-creating files as needed, and color management.
8. Ensure the quality during bulk production and also minimize the rejections.
9. Ensure proper maintenance and security of all the machines, printing software, database storage, and related documentation and manuals.
10. Communicate with designer and sample department, and merchant team for development issues.
11. Examine the specific style to determine the details, such as sample quality, types of color/chemicals be used, color sequences and any other instructions
12. Bring recommendations and ideas on what is possible with existing technology and keeping up to date with trends and innovations.
13. To provide advice, training, and support to concern people; this will include designing and implementing personal training programs for an individual as necessary.

Skills required:

1. Excellent influencing, communication, interpersonal and facilitation skills.
2. Must have technical knowledge of both Rotary and Digital printing.
3. Experience working with ink chemistries (reactive, pigment) for both rotary and digital printing.
4. Knowledge of data management software and information technology used in digital printing.
5. Knowledge of textile chemistry, physical materials testing, product testing, design, and product engineering a plus.
6. Excellent time management and organizational skills.
7. Ability to manage multiple tasks, shift gears quickly for changing priorities, and meet demanding deadlines.


Compétences requises

  • Excellent influencing, communication, interpersonal and facilitation skills.
  • Must have technical knowledge of both Rotary and Digital printing.
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills.


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