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Freelance Interpreter

Société : Pro-Built Africa

Mis à jour le : 3 avril 2014

Lieu : Tout Madagascar

Join the Pro-Built Africa team. Participate in the world marketplace. Engage internationally.

Who are we?
Pro-Built Africa is an international logistics firm dedicated to providing solutions to organizations, corporations, and governments working across Africa. We provide the planning, personnel, and products necessary to get the job done in the most challenging environments on Earth.

What do we do?
Pro-Built Africa is aggressively expanding its personnel services into the translation and interpretation sector. Our goal is to bring together a team of professionals capable of facilitating clear communication between our clients and any community on the continent.

Who are we looking for?
We are actively recruiting mobile, motivated, and educated professionals to join our team.
If you are proficient in English, work well with diverse groups of people, and want to capitalize on your abilities, Pro-Built Africa is for you.

Why should you apply?
Our team is the foundation of Pro-Built Africa’s success. We offer our team members the opportunity to be active players in the world marketplace. As a Pro-Built Africa translator, you will be working together with an elite international community working to shape a better tomorrow. We offer our translators the opportunity to grow personally and professionally, all while earning exceptional compensation for exceptional service.


Pro-Built Africa is currently accepting applications for positions in translation and interpretation. The application deadline is April 30th. Start the application by filling out this online form:

Compétences requises

  • Proficient in English Language


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